Touchnote to the Rescue – Postcards from anywhere to anywhere

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When I was setting up the incentives for donors and contributors I thought postcards might be a nice give back. The idea was that if anyone (and to be honest I didn’t expect many) donated £100 to my charities or contributed £100 to my costs then they would receive a postcard from each country. Amazingly over 20 people signed up for this and together have helped raise over £2000 for my three charities – CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid UK.

In America, Mexico and Guatemala fulfilling my end of the bargain was easy, though it did take up a lot of time and cost more than I had previously anticipated. However, when I reached Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua trying to find postcards became near impossible. While making excuses to a friend she mentioned that people would be happy with a Touchnote card. At that time I hadn’t heard of Touchnote so I took to my computer to research them.

Touchnote provide an awesome online system that allows anyone to send postcards from anywhere to anywhere for a fixed price (includes printing the postcard and postage). The online tool or app allows you to completely personalise your postcard and send from anywhere you have access to internet be it by computer or phone. It’s no wonder that they are the world’s most popular online postcard company, having sent over 5 million cards (via iPhone, iPad, Android and, iPhone/iPad: Android:

I contacted Touchnote and told them what I am doing and they generously supplied me with free credits to help me out. Now, rather than sending whatever dodgey postcards available I can edit my own expedition photos and send them direct to the awesome people that have assisted me as beautiful postcards.

If you’d like to receive a postcards visit my website and donate or contribute £100 –

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