My GPS tracker is in a different country… A slight problem!!!!

Everything went well today – up to a point! I got up early, packed and was on the road just after 7am. The road from Choluteca to the Nicaraguan border was relatively flat and quite beautiful in places where the trees and surrounding areas had bright green leaves. Everyone was happy, smiley and waving as I jogged past. My travel companion, Charlie the bear, was receiving an astonishing amount of attention today. Nearly without fail every child and mother screamed that they wanted him and looked genuinely disappointed when I didn’t hand him over. One guy started shouting at me. Slightly jealous of the attention he is receiving!!!

The border itself was pretty straight forward apart from my immigration officer going walkabout half way through stamping my passport.

Once through the border I had a nice 6km run to the next town. I managed to get a basic room at the hotel on the main street and went to press the “Arrived” button on my GPS only to find it not where it normally lives… I had only gone and left it on the window ledge in the hotel from the night before…

So here I am in Nicaragua with my expensive and kind of vital piece of equipment 50km away in another country. I tried to call the hotel to s
Check they have it but someone else is in the room. I have to call tomorrow after 9. Thins leaves me in a difficult situation as my next destination is 68km away and needs a 6 am start.

The mostly sensible course of action is for me to wait around, find out if they can find it and return by bus to collect. The only downside is that if its not there I waste a day… Of all the places I have visited I did not think Choluteca would be the one I returned to first!!

This wouldn’t have happened if I had been able to buy Lithium AAA batteries. Due to the shortage I only use it when I arrive and not when I depart. If I manage to retrieve it I think I will have to change my morning check…

Not included due to battery dying:

Kids selling live iguanas on roadside.
A delicious, if a little fatty, carne asada, for lunch.
Trying a new fruit that was like the cross between a pepper and a sponge

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