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Touchnote to the Rescue – Postcards from anywhere to anywhere

When I was setting up the incentives for donors and contributors I thought postcards might be a nice give back. The idea was that if anyone (and to be honest I didn’t expect many) donated £100 to my charities or contributed £100 to my costs then they would receive a postcard from each country. Amazingly […]

Great 48km run with a waterfall detour and awesome people!

***USUAL WARNING – I AM VERY TIRED SO PLEASE EXCUSE SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!*** Today was the London Marathon and while 38,000 people were pounding the streets back home I thought it would only be fitting if I did at least 42km here in Costa Rica. This morning I was in Liberia and after a […]

How was your Friday? Mine kinda rocked! I am now in Costa Rica!

This morning I woke up in a hostel in San Juan de Sur with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Nicaragua. This evening I slowly sipped an ice cold beer overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Cruz, Costa Rica. Between these two moments I have run a marathon, crossed an […]

WaterAid Working in Nicaragua

As you know WaterAid is one of my chosen charities. I get asked why I chose this charity and the answer is very simple. Clean water is an essential ingredient for life. Without clean water we can’t survive. Clean water is also my biggest daily consideration. Every day I probably drink about 5 litres of […]

How a 22km jog became a 69km run…

**** WARNING not proofed. I ran 70km today and want to sleep!!**** This morning I woke up with a very simple plan. I needed to get to Rivas but that was too far to run in one day so I had found a town in the middle and was going to make it a two […]

A dilemma of where to go from Rivas

**** Again not proofed – please excuse me. 70km and a shower is more important!**** I am facing a dilemma. I am in Rivas and have three choices… 1 – head for the border and get into Costa Rica 2 – head east to the volcanic island of Ometepe or 3 – head to the […]

Volcano boarding, clambering over a cathedral, losing my GPS tracker and health update

For those of you who have listened to my last audio blog you will be aware that a lot has been going on over the last week or so and not sure running. Rather than write individual blog posts I thought I would try to wrap them up in one. Health Update As you will […]

Meeting an amazing chap who is walking around the world

As I have mentioned before one of the best things about being on an adventure is the people you meet. In Chinandega, Nicaragua, I had the privilege and the pleasure to meet an amazing chap by the name of Nacho. Nacho is from Spain and has walked to Nicaragua over the last 2 years. He […]

17 April Audio Blog Final

A keep stop gap audio blog outlining everything that’s been going on, including boarding down a volcano and my bladder infection…. 17 April Audio Blog Final.m4a Sent from my iPod

How I run 70km in a day

After running 70km in a day I get asked by quite a few people how that is possible and if I do anything special and the simple answer is no not really. While it is fresh in my mind I thought I give a quick outline of the day. 5am – Wake up – The […]