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Arriving in El Salvador – the longer report

It’s always exciting when you cross the border from one county to the next. You never know quite what to expect but you know it will be different, exciting and there will be a process of adjustment. I left the hotel and walked the 100 or so metres to the border. Hundreds of lorries were […]

Audio Blog for 20 March – a good day!

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Thank you Guatemala

So there we go, that is the Guatemalan section of my expedition completed (or will be tomorrow when I walk the 100m or so to the border.) I have loved Guatemala and am shocked how quickly it all just flashed by. It really brings to the fore one of my biggest challenges which is trying […]

A ridiculous bathroom situation – Don’t Judge!

While nothing about this expedition is glamorous there are numerous times when you look yourself in the mirror and question just want the hell has led you to this particular moment. Luckily for me there was a mirror right there as I wasn’t running but trying to go to bed but that doesn’t explain why […]

20 March Audio Blog – A Good Day

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My Street – an attempt at the descriptive

I am conscious that my blog slips into a rather repetitive “I ran from here to here” and “I covered so many KMs.” When that is what I am doing day in, day out, hopefully it’s understandable but is certainly not excusable. The exciting part of this expedition is not the running but where I […]

Postcards for donors – a small delay!!

To all those lovely people who donated £100 to my charities you will be expecting a postcard from Mexico. Annoyingly my last day in Mexico was a public holiday so the post office in Tapachula was closed. Sorry but your Mexico postcard may arrive with a Guayamalan stamp!!! They are all written….

Three days into Guatemala

I’ve been in Guatemala for three days and this amazing country keeps changing from day to day. Each day I wake up expecting the same and am completely shocked at how different everything is. My first day took me from Ciudad Tecum Uman on the border with Mexico to a town called Coatepeque. I got […]

Dear Mexico – A short thank you letter

Dear Mexico, Thank you so much for having me to stay for four and a half months. I had heard a few things before I arrived which made me wonder how safe I would be but I am so glad to report that Mexico is AWESOME! In the whole time I spent running down your […]

NEW COUNTRY!!! I am only in Guatemala!!!

An exciting day… I entered Guatemala! After 3700km of running in Mexico it is time to relearn everything and get to know a new country. The big difference here is that I am only go to be in Guatemala for about 10 days. When I entered Mexico it was going to be 4 months and […]