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62km run… Just another day in the life of Forrest Gump 2.0

Today I woke up just outside Puerto Escondido in one of the most beautiful hostals I have ever stayed in. (look up One Love Hostal) The plan was to head south and cover about 35km and find somewhere to camp. The scenery has changed so much and everything is getting really tropical. There was a […]

Not all questions are about my running!

The questions I get from people I meet can vary a lot. Of course there are the obvious ones which include “how many pairs of shoes are you going to get through?”, “how long will it take, why are you doing this?” etc. Most of these can be answered pretty quickly with a pre prepared answer. […]

I got a flight to catch…

Those of you who know me will have heard the fantastic news that my little sister is getting married to a lovely chap called Shep. They have been together for a while and we are all so happy that they are now engaged and about to start a beautiful life together. The only thing is […]


I have reached the 6 month stage of my expedition and am happy to say that I am on schedule and everything is going according to plan. It was on the 15th of August 2014 that I left Vancouver, Canada, and since then I have run over 5750km to  a small town in Mexico called Santa […]

London Marathon 2015 – Tips from an Adventure Runner

On Sunday, 25 April 2015, thousands of runners will descend on London to take part in the London Marathon. They may be there to set a personal best, tick something off the list of things to achieve in life or be driven by the opportunity to raise money and awareness for charities that are close […]

Audio Blog – 14 Feb 2014 Part 2

14 Feb 2014 Audio Blog Part 2.m4a

14 Feb 2015 Audio Blog Part 1

Please find part one of today’s audio blog attached. 14 Feb 2015 Audio Blog.m4a Sent from my iPod

Tasting iguana for the first time

So I am not entirely sure how legal or ethical this is but I have to confess I really like eating whatever weird foods are on offer when I am visiting a new country. When I was in Vietnam it was deep fried scorpions and in Morocco it was sheep’s eyes. Well here in Mexico […]

A quick catch-up!!!

First things first I need to apologise for my laziness. It’s been 16 days since I last actually wrote a blog. I am not going to chastise myself too much because in that time I have published the newsletter, trialled a few audio blogs, not to mention the fact that I have run over 480km. What […]

AUDIO BLOG – 4 February 2015

This audio blog covers the 36 run from Coyuca to Acapulco and covers numerous tyre problems, dirty loo roll and managing to get a cheap (ish) rate at a top hotel! 4 Feb 2015 Audio Blog.m4a