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Oh Yes!!! Its the January 2015 Newsletter!

Hi everyone, Please find the next instalment of my newsletter. This one includes a story that is relevant to CALM, one of the charities I am supporting, and is connected to my Sea of Cortez crossing. One again, thank you to everyone for your support and generosity. All the best Jamie JAMIEISRUNNING 5 – January […]

TEST – Audio blog for 27 Jan 2015

Hi, Trying to gather the mental stamina to write a blog everyday can be difficult after running so far in this heat. So I am testing an audio blog to see how/if it works. All constructive feedback welcome. Jamie Jan 27 2015 Audio Blog.m4a Sent from my iPod

My day cut short for a good cause!! Includes turtles!!!

After hitting the road again following my shirt mechanical stop I managed to cover about 20km when I came across a sign that said there was a turtle refuge. I had run passed one of these a few days earlier and regretted not stopping. I was not going to let this opportunity pass. I pushed […]

Eating lobster like a laird – a little too literally!

On Monday, 19 January, I ended my day at a small cove called La Palma Sola. The reason I chose to end here was threefold. Firstly, there was a huge sign indicating that camping was allowed. Secondly, a very friendly chap stopped me as I ran passed the entrance and proclaimed it to be the […]

Mechanical assistance

I think we all know how my I love my Thule Cheetah 1. This bad boy has got me all the way from Vancouver to half way down Mexico. The only problems I have had have been wheel related. Unfortunately that changed today but luckily in a very repairable way. Before I go into how […]

A quick catch up – knee better, internet physio, calf died, friendly police!

I have been remiss and not updated my blog for a number of days. The last little entry wasn’t the most positive either and the number of messages I have had from friends and well-wishers has been amazing. The good news is that I am now about 140km further south and today I managed to […]

Internet research leads to a knee diagnosis

I am writing this blog from a cheap but nice hotel room 30 off km from where I started this morning. 30km is not too bad for a day’s running but when the day was cut sort because my knee couldn’t continue it kind of sucks! To add to that the inner tube in might […]

Hot, Humid, Hilly and Ouch!!

Today was hard. Not just a little hard but screaming at the top of my voice hard. It was very hot and the humidity was oppressive. When I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Lorraine Kelly she described it very well – “you can almost wring out the air.” To add to […]

Wow – Not going to lie, that was hard!

So today was yet another short one, so the blog will be short too. I covered the 30km from Boca de Tomatan to El Tuito but wow was it tough. The fact that it is hot and very humid is bearable. But add in about 25km of constant uphill and its amazing how much harder […]

A night on the beach in Boca De Tomatan

Yesterday I left Puerto Vallarta and pushed south. It was just to be a short 15km day as I am trying to ease back up to the bigger distances and trying to avoid injury. Running here continues to be difficult with the air so humid and heat like a wall around me. However by the […]