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December Newsletter – Get it here!!

Happy New Year everyone, Please find the link to my latest newsletter. JAMIEISRUNNING – 28 December 2014 Thanks for all your support

Happy New Year – A little reflection

So it is the end of 2014 and a time to take check of everything. As I have pointed out a few times I am currently on “holiday”. I have been on the road for 138 days and have completed about 4310km in 99 days of running. That equates to about 31.2 km per day […]

A day on the Mexican Galapagos

My last blog outlined how I had made the decision to stay on board the Andante until we reached Puerto Vallarta (PV) and OMG am I glad I came to that conclusion because the experiences we have had since have been breathtaking! We all thoroughly enjoyed Mazatlán with a tour round the old town and […]

Cruising to Puerto Vallarta – running to continue shortly!!!!

So…. the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I have not been doing much running lately. This is due to a couple of factors. Firstly, after 99 days of running and 4350km covered I thought it prudent to give my body a 10 day to 2 week rest. Secondly, I needed to get […]

Preparing to up anchor and leave for Marina De La Paz

So the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that I have not been running very much recently and my blogs have been sparse. Well I have (nearly) come to the end of my Baja adventure and over the last few days I have been looking for a way to cross the Sea of Cortez […]

HELP!!!! Runner looking for transport to mainland Mexico

I am a British runner who is running from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, raising money and awareness for charities concerned with suicide, cancer and fresh water provision. So far I have raised about $10,000 for three charities. I have completed the first 4300km and am currently in La Paz, Mexico, and need to find a […]

A truly remarkable day – Hammerheads, humpbacks, whale sharks and Rays

Over the past month and a half I have continually expressed my love for Baja. If it not the scenery then it’s the people. Every day something happens which just makes me fall more and more in love with this part of the world. Yesterday put the icing on the cake. I have been a […]

Arriving in La Paz – 4300km run in 99 days!

So after my Giganta Crossing I set my sights firmly on La Paz. The total distance from Loreto to La Paz was about 350kms and with sheer determination I managed to complete this in seven gruelling 50km (average) days. Why the mad dash? I am not really sure. When I arrived in La Paz I […]

Wee observations – loo paper!!

Whenever you visit a new country you notice little differences from home. Most you get used to quickly or adopt as a matter of necessity. This observation is the latter. In the UK and America most loos come equip with loo paper. Not in Baja, Mexico You actually just carry your own with you. The […]

Crossing La Giganta

After a very pleasant stay in Ligui I started my ascent of La Giganta. The Sierra de la Giganta is the range of mountains that run down the east side of the Baja California South peninsula. If you want to go south then you have to cross them a couple of times. Today’s crossing would […]