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Lying next to three virgins… Literally!!!

So after a 45km day run I am now lying in my tent next to three virgins and listening to traditional Mexican music. You may well be asking yourself just how this has come about so let me explain!!! Last night I was in San Ignacio, which is a lovely little village set in an […]

Coast to oasis through 175km of desert

Over the last four days I have run the 145km from Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio. I started at one of the world’s greatest salt mines on the west coast of the Baja peninsula and finished in San Ignacio, a oasis in the desert. The first day was about 38km and at no point did I divert from the same course. The […]

A little reflection – SOLO?

Today I had a little bit of time and finally managed to compile a photo gallery for my Facebook page. This group of group selfies was taken over the last few weeks while on the Baja peninsula. It got me thinking. When I started planning, organising and promoting my expedition the word “solo” was used a […]

November Newsletter – LA to Baja, Mexico

Hello everyone – Please find the latest instalment of my newsletter which covers from Santa Monica to Baja, Mexico. I hope you enjoy – JAMIEISRUNNING 3 – November 2014

Scenery from Baja California!

Just a short update to add some pictures for you all to see! (all photos taken on my Nokia Lumia 1020)

Lack of contact – in the wilderness

Some of you may have noticed a lack of communication from me over the last two weeks. As I write this I have not had any cell signal or reliable wifi access for at least a week/10 days and I am not sure when this message will send/upload. It is Thursday, 20 November and I […]

Facilities in Mexico and the loo with the best view

So to have enough energy to do what I am undertaking you need to consume a lot of calories which means you need to eat a lot. The inevitable consequence of this is that you need to also visit the little boys room a lot. In the US that was normally quite easy and hygienic […]

A new member to the team!

Today is a very happy day indeed. I am no longer alone on this epic adventure and have someone new and special to share the trip with. While running through today’s beautiful landscape I spotted a poor soul literally impaled to a cactus. He looked so sad and alone that I risked life and limb […]

Entering the cactus desert – a beautiful part of Baja

So today was the day I left civilization and embarked on a 120km trek across the desert to Catavinia. I had a quick video call home and made my final preparations before leaving town. This included ensuring I had sufficient water and food (which includes Oreos – my new addiction!) As I left town I […]

Arriving in El Rosario for the Baja 1000

Today was day four of my dash south to El Rosario to watch the Baja 1000. A week ago I hadn’t even heard of this event but as I came further south the more I learnt about it. The Baja 1000 is a motor race from Ensenada to La Paz. The course is mostly off […]