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Emma Watson talking at the UN – @HeForShe

While I am on the road people suggest things I should read, listen to, watch and think about. The great thing is I actually have time to do it! Most of the time it is to do with CALM, one of the charities I am trying to support. The common theme is the role of men in […]

Running through Pendelton Marine Base

When I arrived in San Clemente I was faced with the same problems as the night before… nowhere to sleep! There are numerous campgrounds around San Clemente but they are either closed at this time of year or like to charge you between $35 and $50 to pitch a tent for a few hours!! Luckily […]

USA nearly done and Mexico on the horizon

I have been on the road for 74 days and in that time I have nearly run the entire length of the US. To me the US was always the “training ground”. During this stretch of the trip I have been working out exactly what I need to be pushing in my stroller, what food […]

People are just so darn nice!

  So with LA and Long Beach behind me I continued my run south with a campsite just north of Laguna beach as my target. Today’ run was beautiful, and so much of the time was spent right on the beach. One thing that I had not known was that just off the beautiful beaches of […]

Leaving LA…

LA is behind me and quite frankly I am glad about that. While it is a great place I am preferring the smaller towns and find them more fun, less crowded and the people friendlier. After I left Santa Monica I did a quick 25km jog down to Redondo Beach and stayed with my friend […]

Next instalment of my newsletter

If you fancy a quick catch-up on my expedition then click JAMIEISRUNNING – 22 October 2014 to read the next instalment of my newsletter.

Feeling Lazy in LA

So I have arrived in Los Angeles, or Santa Monica to be more precise, and I feel like I am being lazy. It took 7 days of straight running to get here, averaging about 44km/27miles a day and now that I have arrived I am being tempted by all the conveniences that are on my […]

From one Santa to another

I am not going to be keeping a day to day account of the whole trip as I want to try and keep things interesting and not just an account of me putting one foot in front of the other. So I will focus on things that I have particularly enjoyed. After leaving Eric in […]

Warmshowers and friendly hosts

Finding somewhere to sleep every night can be a bit of a challenge. This is becoming increasingly so as I travel south and can’t rely on the lovely facilities that were found daily in Oregon. While I am being very lucky at finding places in big cities such as LA and San Diego the smaller […]

280km and 6 nights between showers!!!

So today was a good day. No, in fact it was a great day. It was the day I had a shower. Such a simple thing but I am learning that such simple things can be amazing and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Yes the day did involve lots of other great moments but the […]