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Where I slept in Seaside – AMAZING!!

So every day I wake up and have to ask myself where am I going to sleep tonight? Will it be at the side of the road in a Park and Ride where they deal meth or will I have a nice bed somewhere? This is part of the appeal of this expedition – everyday […]

A brief summary of day 15 – Don’t get down, adapt!

This is just going to be a quick overview of the day… I woke up in Astoria after a nice quiet day off yesterday. My first port of call was the Daily Astorian newspaper. I had emailed them about my trip and they very kindly agreed to meet and hear about my story. Hopefully something […]

A crafty way to spend a day – Beer tasting

So today was my day off and I was in Astoria. Astoria was the first US settlement town west of the Rockies, founded by Lewis and Clark in 1876. Today the main attraction seems to be craft beer… Now I am not officiado about craft beers but I have long been a fan. With so […]

Crossing the Astoria Bridge into Oregon… and being pulled over by the cops!

So today started at Bruceport, Washington. After a cool night in the campsite with fellow travellers I set off south. The plan for today was to try and cover about 20miles which would get me half way to Astoria where I was going to try and have a rest day. Of course this didn’t happen. […]

The Washington (state) Review

So on the 16th of August I entered the USA and the State of Washington just north of Blaine. On the 27th of August I crossed the boundary into the State of Oregon. Washington has treated me so well and I have many great memories and have been helped by so many people.. My route […]

A quick update – finally a rest day and arriving at the 101 highway

So it is day 11 of my expedition and I have decided to take a proper rest day. A day that involves no running, limited walking, lots of food, reading, and of course writing blogs! Right now I am sitting at a park bench in a beautiful RV/camp site in a small place called Artic […]

1 day – 4 conversations – drugs, gangs and suicide

So this morning I woke up in Seattle after spending a night in the Green Tortoise hostel. After yesterday’s relatively easy day I wanted to get back on the road and get a decent chunk of miles under my belt. Instead of running south then west I decided to get the ferry to Bremerton, about […]

Seattle – Downtown!

So I woke this morning after a lovely nights sleep in a beautiful clean bed and enjoyed pancakes with chocolate chips – all seemed good. But this damn Achilles is still playing up. SO today I was going to enjoy Seattle. I left Larissa and the kids at home and jogged down in to Seattle. […]

Snohosmith to Seattle

So after my last blog which was hastily written in a cycle shop café in Snohosmith, a village just north of Seattle, I wen on a mission to find somewhere to camp. About 1.5km out of town I found a little fruit shop but they were unwilling to let a camping set up on their […]

Day four and five quick write up

Ok.. so I have been away from the world of WiFi for a couple of days. Those who like to read everyday (Mum) may have to get used to gaps in write-ups. To get time to write I need good wifi and a charged computer and these don’t always go hand in hand. So after […]