Monthly Archives: July 2014

Getting assessed by Profeet!

Before I set off on my expedition I am trying to mitigate as many potential problems as possible. There is no hiding from the fact that my feet and knees are going to be the most likely part of my body to cause troubles along the way. All I can do is ensure that I […]

My running mix tape – Thank you Charlie

My running music is going to be very important… At the moment I am running for about 2 hours a day so the tunes need to be good. When I actually start I will be on the road for about 4 to 6 hours a day. So people can see what I am listening to […]

An (inspiring) Evening of Endeavour II

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a fantastic evening at The Royal Geographical Society titled “An Evening of Endeavour II”. The event, organised with military precision by the Light Dragoons, brought together some of Britain’s most amazing adventurers and explorers. For someone who is about to set off on his own […]

What to eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is always a difficult meal and one I have struggled with for ages. There have been so many variations over the last few years and nothing has stuck. Its difficult to find something that is healthy, convenient, easy for work, cheap and fits in with my training schedule which at times can be quite […]

Adventure Run London 2014

Going for the same run every day can get a little repetitive and boring which can lead to the loss of motivation. To tackle this I incorporate adventure runs into my routine. Essential this just means that I find a tube station that is the desired distance from my house, travel there and run back. […]

10X10X10 Challenge

Hill training in London can be quite difficult. There are hills around but you need to find them and then be prepared to go and tackle them. I try to include the 10X10X10 challenge into my training to help overcome this. It is also a great gym workout when the weather is a little dreary […]

Taken down by an insect (in the UK!!)

A few weeks ago I was on a client site visit in South East London and started feeling a little groggy. At first I wasn’t really sure what was causing it and put it down to a common bug or man flu. I struggled through the day and got home as quickly as possible. After a […]